Blood management

Smeg Instruments offers advanced medical devices ensuring an unbroken blood cold chain from donor to receiver. Our solutions include blood bank refrigerators, plasma storage freezers, and ultra-low temperature freezers, providing rapid and secure storage and transport of blood products. Healthcare professionals rely on our reliable and eco-friendly solutions.

Evolved performance

The solutions in the range allow the set point temperature to be rapidly reached and steadily maintained over time, with excellent thermal performance.

The set point and password-protected parameters can be personalised by the manager with extreme accuracy and a resolution of ±0.1°C

Technological innovations

  • USER-FRIENDLY DISPLAY: simple and straightforward to use;
  • SECURITY SYSTEM: the products come with visual and acoustic alarm systems to indicate any anomalies and ensure proper storage;
  • INSTANT TRACEABILITY: thanks to an integrated datalogger system, the temperature recorded inside the chamber can be viewed and tracked for up to 2 years;
  • ECO-FRIENDLY GAS: Smeg products are highly reliable, extremely quiet and have a very low environmental impact (Global Warming Potential).