Professional glassware washers

Smeg Instruments glassware washers are cutting-edge products featuring customisable programs designed specifically for the client in Smeg laboratories. They offer flexible and efficient services and reliable and certifiable results. The range of products is accompanied by a wide selection of accessories and trolleys specifically designed to suit all washing needs, and in some cases even designed ad hoc for the user.


Smeg Instruments are a symbol of Made in Italy excellence, offering laboratories and the pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial sectors cutting-edge products for impeccable washing.


Smeg has ISO 9001:2015 quality certification and complies with all environmental and workplace safety standards.

In fact, all stages of production have a comprehensive quality control and management system in place, which includes an end-of-line check of all units produced and a subsequent statistical check, both of which are performed in a laboratory setting that mimics the actual use of the machines.


Smeg offers not only high-tech glassware washers but also special programs, detergents and demineralisers or softeners designed specifically to achieve impeccable washing results.

Forced air drying also ensures that every component is perfectly washed and dried at the end of the cycle.