Thermal sealers

Smeg Instruments provides a wide range of products for the entire instrument decontamination process and can thus supply dental surgeries or laboratories with all the necessary sterilisation equipment, including ultrasonic baths, washer-disinfectors and thermal sealers, as well as professional stainless steel furniture. Instrument packaging is a delicate and important step in the process, which is why Smeg proposes reliable, easy-to-use thermal sealers.

The sterility of instruments is only maintained if the sterilised material is protected with an airtight and durable packaging system. Smeg Instruments propose two different solutions with a different sealing system: one model with impulse sealing and one with rotary sealing.


The SGI250 model with impulse sealing can house rolls of different widths. The temperature of the heating element is electronically controlled. The
end of sealing is signalled both acoustically and via a light.

The SGR010S model, an automatic rotary sealer, guarantees sealing at a speed of 10 m/sec with electronic temperature control.


Compact, space-saving models where the different materials (stainless steel and plastics) are combined with elegance and attention to detail.


The sealing process of the SGR010S model satisfies the criteria of EN868-4/5, while that of the SGI250 model also complies with DIN 58953-7. Both products are CE certified.


The high quality of the plastics and stainless steel used for the external surfaces ensures durability and ease of cleaning. Maintenance operations are reduced to a minimum thanks to the accessibility of the components.