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Smeg joins the Kilometroverde Parma project for sustainable design

A project in the name of sustainability and regeneration for the common good: KILOMETROVERDEPARMA

As part of an ongoing commitment to safeguarding the environment and promoting a regenerative approach, Smeg confirms its participation as a regular member of the KILOMETROVERDEPARMA project.

The initiative was first conceived in 2015, later becoming a reality in 2020 thanks to a group of virtuous local companies with the common goal of promoting forestation throughout the entire province of Parma, thus generating a positive impact on the environment and on the community.

The project gave life to a virtuous cycle involving the participation of public and private entities who invested their own resources, thus expanding the boundaries of the initiatives and creating green areas with native plants. 

Smeg, whose manufacturing practices have been geared towards sustainability for more than seventy years, is taking part in the project by planting its own land near Mezzani (PR) with ash, maple, hornbeam and oak trees, for a total of 1,000 plants across 30,000 square metres.

An initiative confirming the company’s dedication to enhancing the value of its local territory, as can also be seen by its headquarters, a reinterpretation of the ancient rural courtyards of the lower Po Valley. A project designed by architect Guido Canali, representing a constant dialogue between nature and architecture set in a natural 380,000 square-metre park, of which only 23.9% has been developed.

Crystal-clear waters and a lush garden are the main features, with more than 1,700 planted trees belonging to 35 different species.