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New Smeg bedpan washers: impeccable washing and disinfection

High technology, safety, reliability and perfect hygiene are the hallmarks of Smeg’s new range of bedpan washers, fully designed and manufactured in Italy to satisfy the needs of nursing homes, public and private hospitals.

Manufactured according to the latest washing and disinfection technology, Smeg bedpan washers are easy to use and compact, with fast and dedicated cycles, for example against Clostridium Difficile.
The baskets, for example, are specifically designed to accommodate any bedpan or portable urinal on the market, guaranteeing a perfect wash every time.

Available in versions with classic manual or automatic opening depending on the operator’s needs.
The range is completed by other important accessories including a: slop sink, cabinet and bedpan supports, as well as consumables such as detergent and limescale remover, to ensure the long-lasting performance of the bedpan washer.

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